GlobalTeq GCR 370CX beltéri

Észrevételek, kérdések és válaszok a GlobalTeq GCR 370CX beltérivel kapcsolatban.


Powerful scan & stable performance with easy user interface
Powerful Channel Control by Favorites,Parental Lock,Move,Delete,Skip,Rename
3,0010 Channels TV & Radio Programmable
OSD Teletext & Subtitle Supported
Teletext Supported by VBI insertion
User Friendly EPG(Electronic Program Guide)
Manual Scan / Automatic Scan
Timer Function(Automatic Turn On/Off by Setting Function)
New CH & New TP Auto Detect Supported
5 Favorite CH.Group
Multi Language : English, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithunian, Hungarian, Latvian and more


1. Tuner
Input Connector IEC 169-2 Female
IF Input Frequency 47-862MHz
Input Level 15dBuV ~ 50dBuV
Demodulation QAM
Symbol Rate 3.0 ~ 7.0 Msps
Reed Solomon Decoding FEC: 204,188. t=8
QAM Mode 4,16,32,64,128 and 256 QAM

2. MPEG Transport Stream & A/V Decoding
Transport Stream MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-1
Profile Level MPEG-2 MP@ML
Input stream Max. 90Mbit/s
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9
Video Resolution 720x576
Audio Decoding MPEG layer I and II
Audio Mode Single/Dual Channel,
Stereo, Joint Stereo
Sampling Frequency 16/22.05/24/32/44.01/48 KHz

3. Microprocessor & Memories
Main Processor Sti 5107
CPU Clock 200 MHz
Flash Memory 4 Mbyte
SDRAM 16 Mbyte
EEPROM 32 Kbit

4. Front Panel
4 Digits LED Display Channel Number Display
5 Keys Power,Channel Down and
Channel Up, Volume Down
and Volume Up
Smart Card Slot 1 Slot

5. Rear Panel
TV Scart RGB, CVBS, Audio L/R
VCR Scart CVBS, Audio L/R
RCA A/V Video,Audio L,Audio R.
Digital Audio S/PDIF(Optical)
AC Switch Yes

6. Remote Control Unit
Type Infra-red
(Carrier Freq. 38KHz)
Battery 2x1.5V AAA Type

7. Physical Specification
Input Voltage AC90-250V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 15 Watts
Standby Power Less than 8 Watts
Dimension 270x180x50mm 1.7kg
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +45°C
Storage Temperature -20 + 60°C